Friday, March 18, 2011

What an Adventure we had!

Well, its been a while since I last wrote. Lots of things have happened for us, so I shall slowly update you with my conversations, experiences, thoughts and procrastinations.

I've been away in the UK visiting family and friends.
There was lots of fun to be had: friends to see, museums to visit, friends to play with and coffee dates to go to!
Such a refreshing time seeing people, but it's also lovely to be home!
There were lots of people we missed (so if you're reading this, we're coming to see you next).

We loved our reunion with friends we hadn't seen in a while, and re-connecting with friends we hadn't seen since christmas...

Pancake day with friends!!!

Dressing up and rescuing the ladies from difficult situations was a favourite!

Cousin Jemimah - a very special little girl in Oliver's heart 

Meeting with great friends.


A blue whale at the Natural History Museum...

Now we're back in SouthEastern Europe, we come back hopeful and full of energy to get on with life, meet people and be family.

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  1. We miss you already!!

    Glad you had fun though, and looking forward to updates on albanian life.