Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday Monday... so good to me!!!

Its been a good weekend here in Shkodra. But I've always loved mondays. Its a way for me to start a fresh with my mind and my week. I have a clean slate every monday morning: the world is my oyster and I can be as creative or as imaginative with my week as I choose.
One way are jump starting me into my week, is getting up and heading out on my bike with Oliver to the Market. Its a chance for me to get my fruit and veg for the week, but also a chance for me to connect with this city and to show Oliver a piece of Albanian life.

The market

On the way through the market

I always like to start by riding through the market to the end, and then working my way slowly back through the stalls, picking up my fruit and veg at the stall thats have caught my eye on the way through.
Oliver and I love the fish stalls. They are still alive and swimming around in these gigantic tanks.
The hustle and bustle of market life keeps Oliver thoroughly entertained. (He's usually picked up some treat from the ladies at the veg stand!!!)

Once home, I get on with some cooking, and because I'm back from the market with so much fresh produce, I'm usually cooking, baking and creating a feast... this will then result in no food at the end of the week and its scrambled egg on toast.

So here's to Monday Mornings, they can be good!

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  1. So jealous! Our market in Buckingham is smaller every week. I tried to support it for a while, but it was so over priced I can't see it surviving really :-(