Thursday, August 18, 2011


Life really has slowed down here.
These past few months we have been slowly baking in temperatures between 35 - 40 degrees. 

But in the midst of all the heat, we headed out windsurfing/sailing. So I thought I'd put up some snaps. 

Here are the highlights...

Guys prep for windsurfing.

Jamie windsurfing with Mt. Athos backdrop

Sailing - Watch out!

That looks more steady...

Oliver gazing on his fathers amazingness...

Carolyn and Anouk enjoying the sailing
Not sure what is so interesting...

Hold on whilst we tack and jibe
... Well done Captain Carter!

Jamie is still in Albania, gleening anthropology matrial from everything and everyone... 
I hope that life picks up pace again once September comes round for me. But for now, I shall sit still and wait for the waves of heat to pass over me... and take a dip in the sea every once and a while!

Until then... 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Elderflower sodas, sticky heat and the constant whir of the fans...

Hi bloggers and friends.

Its been ages since I wrote, but I'm still alive and well.

Since I last blogged, we've celebrated my mum's birthday. Click here to see the pictures on my sisters blog.

Its so incredibly hot here in Greece, and the holidays arrived! So that meant one thing for us... the sea!

So we camped, swam and sailed our way around the second leg of Halkidiki with my sister and her family (photos to come shortly!).

Now we're back and trying to get on with life here as the summer heat still surrounds us! 

Jamie has left for Albania for two weeks on some anthropological field-work; taking cameras, computers and every kind of recording device, whilst Oliver and I stay here in Greece.

Have a wonderful August everyone. I should be around more now to keep you up to date with all our comings and goings...