Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cow eats the grass, which makes the milk... for me to pasteurise!!!

Having got back into the swing of life back here in Albania, I thought it was about time I showed you some pictures of us pasteurising our milk!

Its a relatively easy task, and fun at first, but has now become part of daily life here for us. Especially if we want a cup of tea in the afternoon!

Pasterising the milk.
The end result.

Initially we started decantering it into this beautiful urn. But its too big for the fridge, so now it goes back in to the coca-cola bottles it came in! obviously milk is not made to look good!
Living life here, you really have to breath in and slow down into a pace of life that requires so much more of you. Things like pasterising your milk, making your own bread or harvesting your own lemons, are things that people here do on a daily basis, and yet I find doing these things is a way of life that we have lost in the west.

Ingredients going into homemade oliver bread

There's something so exciting about buying fruit and veg, or milk, or harvesting lemons from your garden where you feel intouch with life, nature and things that connect you to people and the earth.
Have a lovely week...


  1. That sounds like fun, Rachel! With that fresh milk you can make your own butter, cheese, creme fraiche, sour cream and even mascarpone(and then obviously use them as ingredients to make the lovliest of cakes!)

    Hope to see you when you are back in Greece - I think Nora would love to play with Oliver again, she was singing "Happy birthday" today (in English) to Oliver!

  2. Still can't quite believe you pasteurise your own milk!

    I can't wait to have a garden to harvest. Will has eaten every chive and spinach plant from our little harvest in one afternoon! Clearly I need a bigger plot. The windowsill just won't cut it...

  3. Carine - some great ideas there! I think I may have to go internet exploring for them though. Do you have any good cooking websites for making these things?

    KJ - that window sill patch rocked! I think I may have to copy you with Oliver for that one!

  4. Rachel, I have come across a few recipes in some blogs over time, check this one out for mascarpone cheese: http://www.notquitenigella.com/2009/10/12/made-from-scratch-mascarpone-cheese/

    And this for clotted cream: http://alittlezaftig.com/?p=2433 and homemade butter: http://alittlezaftig.com/?p=3722

    Both lovely, lovely food blogs. You can also try the search box on tastespotting.com ;)