Thursday, March 24, 2011

Steeples, Minarets, an Imam and a Nun...

There is one distinct difference between Albania and Greece- Religion.

Here in Shkoder, within a mile radius of the town centre, there are a vast number of mosques, catholic churches and even an Othodox church thrown in for good measure!

In Greece, you feel there is one dominating presense and that is the Orthodox church. But here, it's quite a different story...

A Mosque.

The Catholic Church

The Othodox Church

One afternoon, on my way to the gym, I walked behind a woman in a hijab, who then proceeded to wave 'Hello' to a nun walking in the opposite direction.

I've met people who tell me they have a muslim father and a catholic mother.

Friendship, Love and Family covers a whole array of factors here.

The atmosphere is broken each morning with calls to prayer from the neighbouring mosques and the bells chiming from the churches. Such an exotic mix of sounds to my foreign ear. And yet, it does make me think.

Within this culture and nation that was once under a communist regime how does religion play its role in people's lives? With minarets and bell towers dominaing the skyline, you can't avoid it!

I guess I ought to find out!

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