Saturday, March 5, 2011

Frustrations and Greek Delights!

So far you've seen a very idyllic view of our life! Lots of what I write about are snippets of life through my Blog window!
So I thought I would write an experience that left my heart aching for this nation: Greece.

A lot of my life involves travelling and meeting new people. My desire in life has been to always have an open home in to which people come in and feel relaxed. I've never expected to make 'life-long friends' with everyone I meet, but you know in your heart when you connect with people.

Since Oliver has been born, one of my desires is to show women in Greece that you can be a great mother, be in control of your child's life and not to be pressurised by 'the system'.

Maternal instincts can be natural, and it's our job - as women - to release each other into that potential.

We are not all built for motherhood, but I do know that there is freedom in the choices we make.

This week was Oliver's birthday, I had invited at least 10 women with their children. Slowly but surely they all dropped out with one problem after the other.

By the last day, I only had messages from 2 women saying they would come. But from lots of experience and with my heart aching for Oliver and his own joy, I thought they just wouldn't show up!

Whether its meeting up for coffee, sharing your dreams, going out for a walk with friends, going shopping, or just sitting watching X factor together - community is crucial!

The house was tidy, the cake was baked and Oliver was dressed up and waiting..... ........

1 hour into the non-existent party, just before the emotions welled, our first guests arrived!
Oh how our hearts leaped for Oliver. Within 10 minutes, both ladies had shown up with their beautiful little girls - and a surprise/spontaneous friend arrived ... and the party had begun.

Our life has been a long waiting game. Hanging in a balance...
Will the Greeks show up, won't they...?
Did I invite them too early, or too late...?
Have I cooked enough food, and will they actually eat it...?
Am I trying too hard? Or are we just missing a different flow?

We do feel we've changed, neither Greek nor English...

But we do desire to be a part of something bigger and progressive in this society that appears at this moment to be stagnant.

As the spring arrives, so does hope for the blossoming again...

Thank you for hearing my heart and any response would be welcome!


  1. This week I took Jemimah to the Park ... as she was playing I pointed out to a Mum and a Grannie that she had Chicken pox ...
    Please let them play together I was asked - it would be great if my child got the pox now! What a shock!!! I think in Greece the child would be locked away but a healthy dose of fresh air did us all good!
    I love your post and your heart aches for Oli ... I hear there will be a party in England on Friday ... Enjoy!

  2. Very interesting.

    As parents I think there is always the balance of protecting your children and of allowing them to encounter 'life' - with all of its dirt and germs! I think that little children want to connect with one another, make friends and have fun. They are rarely bothered about a cold or 'pyreto' - 'temperature', if given the opportunity to connect and play (of course, there are exceptional circumstances!).

    One of our frustrations locally here in Greece is that there is a mode of thinking that is, I believe, over-protective towards children.

    And then we wrestle with whether things are different back in England, or not. Your comment, Dave, reminds me that there is often a different way of thinking in the UK when it comes to the raising of children.

    The conclusion?

    Wrapping your child in cotton wool isn't necessarily the best way to prepare them or cause them to encounter 'Life'.

    Don't let your fears cause you, or more importantly your child, to remain isolated.

    Life is full of shit. Encountering germs builds up a stronger resistance!