Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to be a female Lumber Jack...

Good Morning Country Maidens!

Woke to the sound of a cockeral outside my window (sounds romantic, but the reality is oh so different!)

Yesterday we ordered logs and have ever since kept a fire blazing. It's toasty warm now!

Now we have roaring fires keeping us toasty!

Finding ways to connect with women in the area has intially been quite fun and easy. Being some of the only English people in the region, people tend to recognise you in the street and want to say hello.
Mum started going to gym last time she was in the area, so this time I joined her. There are lots of young girls and women there that we have met and tonight we're off with them for coffee.

Watch this space...

Last night Mum and I went to a young muslim ladies house. She has a little girl and is living with her husband in her families home. They have applied for visas to live in Canada and are in the process of learning French and saving money.
They were very hospiltible and gave us lots of cake and drink. Mum sat and had an Albanian language lesson with the mum. They were very fearful for us that we would be cheated by local farmers for being foreign.

We desire to build long lasting friendships and find we are walking a fine line between our enthusiasum to want to connect with people and a desire to have deeper relationships.

With January having been so full, we look forward to the coming months and all it has in store for us here.


  1. My that is a lot of logs in the background of the first picture! Hope you get to fit in some snuggle-y fireside family time with all this socialising :0)

  2. Oh yes. And doing that right now! Xx