Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Fun!

Well, this land needs a good soaking! Of rain... and thats whats it's done this Saturday morning. And for us in the Barnes household, it can only mean one thing... pancakes and pyjama day!

After reading to Oliver in bed this morning, and gulping my cold coffee, Jamie headed into the kitchen with Oliver and got cooking: beating eggs, sifting flour and generally making a mess.
With not much in the fridge to eat with our pancakes, we feasted on lemon curd soaked pancakes and fresh coffee (the lemon harvest is still in full throttle!)

The rain had turned to drizzle, and so the second part of the morning got underway! Sofa tent building! so out came the blankets, off came the sofa cushions and on came the music!
As we danced away to Take That (Saturday rainy music... didn't you know!), we created a monster tent. In went the toys, milk and biscuits.
This then gave me a good half an hour to devour my book 'A Tale of Love and Darkness' by Amos Oz ( a fantastic read, but taking a while to actually get through).

After having a nice natter to my mum in Albania through skype, I ploughed through the kitchen dishes singing loudly to my shuffle which had then moved on from Take That to Robyn.

Now, all is quiet in the house. Oliver is taking his nap, kitchen is clean.... I'm still in my pyjamas writing to you, my readers!

And so may you enjoy this Saturday Morning... Whatever the weather!!!


  1. Wow, your sofa tent is much better than the ones I produce! I cheat now that Will has a cabin bed and just hang a blanket over the side!
    Can't wait to see you soon!

  2. That does look like fun!
    Lovely blog and great pictures too!