Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back to Greece!

Well, our two weeks in Shkoder is over and the travel down to Greece was an interesting one.

The landscape was dramatic. We drove through flat lands, coastal roads and mountainous tracks! All very unique!

Another thing we noticed was the poverty between each major city or town. Farm houses, people still travelling on horse and carts, and people just standing around on the sides of the roads... doing what? looking for jobs, waiting for jobs?

As the day wore on, the temperature dropped and smoke started creeping into the sky through the chimneys.

Looking at the houses, you can't really begin to understand what people go through in this weather.

I feel very privileged to be English. I have underestimated the quality of life I have lived - from central heating, running hot water and even the most basic things like pasteurised milk (that'll be my blog next time I'm in Albania).

Back in Greece, we've fallen quickly into life here, meeting people, catching up with washing and filling the empty cupboards with food!

One stretch of pristine road between Tirane and Shkoder, Albania

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  1. Rachel, what a beautiful blogsite you have created! Just wanted to encourage you to keep going. Big blessings! Erik