Sunday, February 27, 2011

Its been a while since I last blogged... did you miss me!

To be completely honest, its been a very quiet week. Having returned to Greece, the pace of life has slowed right down.

Its been great catching up with a few friends, and we took a few days to go to my parents home in Halkidiki. Jamie has taken this time to write up some of his work, and catch up on reading.

This weekend the men went away for the weekend into the mountains, whilst we spent the weekend beach combing on the post winter shores of Greece and eating garlic prawns and toast! Sunday morning was spent strolling on the beach front and drinking hot chocolate.

Beach combing!

Coffee time and a good chat with Mina.

The next week we'll be busy meeting up with women and touching the Greek heart again through the beautiful Greek women we know. Its great talking and sharing heart with them - and not always agreeing - but sharpening our ideals, vision and heart for each other.
We all get such a buzz from each other and come home high and full of spirit.

One thing we are definately looking forward to is the bright, warm sunshine on our faces. this grey cloud doesn't agree with this Greek land...
Have a great week!

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