Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bits and Pieces of Life!

Well we're right into the swing of our 'Albanian Life' at the moment.
Oliver started school, and homeschooling, Jamie is back in the swing of his research and I'm.... well I'm.... umm... what am I doing?
 Good question. Keeping busy I guess. Sewing and crocheting, Home school prep, cooking, trips to the gym... I say no more, but instead, here are pictures of life for us all.

Fresh spinach from the market.

Homeschool: Learning numbers with flour.

 Homeschool  resources.

Getting creative again

 Hanging out with his friend.

 Collecting wood for the fire.

 My fab bike, gets me everywhere!

 Eating Albanian Traditional food

 Happy Birthday Noah!

That time of year again: Lemon harvest... Lemon Curd!

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