Monday, January 23, 2012

Things to do whilst Journeying

Since I spend a lot of time travelling around, I find that the creative things I love to do have been put on hold for the moment. I'd quite like to get back into some upholstery and even some sewing. Those seasons and times will come around again... soon!

But in the meantime, one thing I can do whilst I'm travelling is crochet.
Over the Christmas season I decided to make a blanket for Oliver.
I remember as a kid when we were poorly we had a 'sick blanket'.  It became such a comforting feeling to be wrapped up in it, sitting in our lounge.  And so that was my inspiration behind Oliver's blanket, and I love the result!


I wanted to incorporate the colours that make up some of Oliver's passions. Lego and superhero colours!

Having got a taste for crocheting, I now have the bug! For Christmas my mother in law, Barbara, bought me a fab book on Japanese style crocheting. That will keep me busy!
But for now here's something else I'm knocking up. I'll let you know what it is when I'm finished.

Have a good week people!

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  1. Wow Rach..your a woman of many talents! I also love the title fonts I'm now inspired to revamp my blog!