Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well, it's been a while since I updated my comings and goings.
Since Christmas life has really been on the road.
Travelling back from Albania for Christmas with my Family. Then back on the road for New Year in Istanbul.
Last week, we took Sunday off, and drove to the Greek mountains for some fun in the snow!
Jamie took on the challenge of cooking us up some Turkish tea in the snow!

And the end of last week saw me and my family back on the road, this time heading back up to Shkoder.
This is the Anthropology life. Or a life following the Anthropologist!
And so, I leave you with a few pictures of our journey up here.
Sunny Greece 

Kastoria... at the border

Rations for the driver!

Frozen waterfalls at the sides of the roads. 
I didn't get any decent pictures of the hail and rain that followed,as it was in the night. But boy that was hair raising!
Hopefully I'll get my act together and show you some of the work I've been doing amidst the travelling too. A crochet needle and wool is easy to pack up at the lightest wind change, and I've been so excited with the results! So look for more blogs and watch this space!!!

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