Saturday, February 11, 2012


Well, we've been a bit stuck here in Albania. Most of you Europeans have battled the snow in one way or another these last few weeks... and so here's our story.

Our local council and centre.
 Our neighbours!
 Oliver loving the snow.
 A Hamam ruin

This beautiful statue sits in the centre of Shkoder. It's so wistful and dreamy...

 The snow melting off her face gave the appearence of her crying.

Here we are in the process of building a Gruffalo. Although, we did get a bit cold halfway through... maybe we'll finish it!

And that's our story. It still isn't over: black outs, frozen pipes, damp/cold clothes, electrical storms fill in the gaps. This story also has no end at present. And however much we have loved winter, I'm eager for spring to arrive!

note: My story is nothing compared to the cold so many others around me have endured. Although I am experiencing a snippet of life here, I can't imagine how poorer families are coping during this time. 

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