Saturday, November 19, 2011

Running for children

Well today was a day of firsts!

For the first time I ran 5km in a 'fun run' for charity here in Albania. I've never run before, apart from on a tred-mill in the gym. I did it 32mins, which is amazing for me!
It was such a fun day for all who came. I even managed to enjoy running! 

It was slightly chaotic, and started a little late... As things do! I even saw a young girl running in white leather boots!

Cross-country running is not something you generally see here, and so it was great to see the Albanians turn out to run. We got lots of stares and pointing, But that's all part of the Albanian running experience!
(Lots of Americans too. A surreal experience being surrounded by English speaking people all together at once.)

Oh, and I have to give a shout to my running buddy Jesse, who kept me going and kept the pace! I'd be happy to run with her again...

(Pictures came from my ipod, so quality isn't brilliant.)
Team Barnes getting ready to run!

With my running partner-in-crime Jesse

Mummy and Daddy looking out for Oliver... can you see us???

We see him!!!

Still running!

Oliver meeting daddy at the finish line

Here comes me and Jesse!

We made it!

Gathering breath back!

Team Shkoder!!!!!

Discussing our times!

I would definitely do it again. But mainly I'm so happy about being fit and healthy again!

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