Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Albanian Doors

One thing I love to do here is ride my bike. It's just a wonderful way to explore the city and see life in Shkoder and how the people live.

There are a few areas of Shkoder that have these wonderful Venetian houses, closed off by these huge doors that loom over you as you ride by.

They are so beautiful and have clearly been built well, as they look to be well over 100-150 years old. Maybe even older.

I love the knotted wood and the patterns intricately carved into the door panels. Some of the doors have smaller doors to climb through.
Whilst riding around, I wonder who lives in these houses and what lies behind these doors?

Doors have always intruigued me. Take a look at my pinterest board here to see what other kinds of doors inspire...

On another note. We head back to Greece tomorrow for the christmas season. Really looking forward to being back with my sister and her kids...

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  1. Totally agree ! doors are facinaing in that way - and these are especially beautiful ! x