Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Life

Today was a sunny day, so a chance to get out and do jobs you can't do when it's cold, wet... or any other weather that doesn't include sunshine!

So off to the market I went and bought veg for a casserole - to keep our inners warm and toasty. (And to make enough to freeze for those nights I can't be bothered to cook!)

A little after that, Oliver and I swept the vine leaves up in our courtyard.

Theres no show without punch - he just had to have a go!

Then it was another trip out on my bike, with Oliver in tow, into the countryside. We did, however, ride past Shkoder dump site and found the '5 Heroes' statue in the midst of it. Not really a kodak moment... But worthy of a blog!

Maybe one day I'll write about them...

And tonight, I shall be curled up by the fire, mug of chamomile tea and chatting to Jamie, bringing the world to right... (the anthropology way!)

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