Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Living in a foreign land, you get to meet lots of internationals. And so with that in mind, this weekend was one of celebrations!

It started Thursday with American Thanksgiving! But our friends from Peace Corps celebrated on Friday.
I literally 'kick started' the day with my first ever attempt at American football.

As a Brit, it felt like another language to me.  With words like "Go Long Rachel" and "Who's quarter back?" I had no clue. But I ran when told to.
I did manage to stop the opposing team running for a 'touch down' and my finger did brush the ball once! I think I was an asset to the game? All good fun...

The evening was fun too. Thanksgiving dinner and lots of laughter! I met some great people from Peace Corps.

Albania celebrated a national holiday too.
Freedom from the Ottoman Empire!
So last night we headed off into the town centre for music entertainment and fireworks, finished off with a hot chocolate!

Today is still a holiday, so the schools were closed. Jamie decided to get on with work, but Oliver and I got out the craft box and did some finger painting. Lots of mess and lots of fun! And I was so impressed with the result! That canvas will be up on my wall once dry!

This week, Jamie and I set off back to Greece, as work takes Jamie there, as does CHRISTMAS! So here starts the packing again...

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