Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Year to Remember!

There are times in everybody's life that will never be forgotten. Things that change you as a person, make you stronger, define who you are.

February 2010 was one of those moments for me.
I was diagnosed with Molar Pregnancy.

Without going into too much personal detail it's when, at a point of conception, a mass of cells grows instead of a foetus, becoming cancerous and needing to be treated through chemotherapy (simple version!). It's quite a rare disease (I like to see myself as unique!), but treatable. And so May last year, I moved into Charing Cross Hospital.

I had a great team of doctors, shared my ordeal with some fabulous strong women, (I want to especially mention Becks   - you're amazing!), and had wonderful support from my husband,family (my mother-in-law was AMAZING!) and friends (through internet and those close by!)

I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone, but I feel that through this experience, my outlook on life has changed.
I see how miraculous life is, how fragile we are as people.

This year was a rollercoaster of Tears, Pain, Relief, Joy, Laughter!!!! And it won't be forgotten for all of these reasons.

For more information on Trophoblast Diseases and Molar Pregnancy visit the Charing Cross Website:

My 'inmates' at Charing Cross Hospital

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  1. You were a ray of light on that ward Rachel. I've never seen anybody cope so graciously and beautifully with something so traumatic. x