Sunday, May 22, 2011


I, Lynn Webb, would like to make a little guest appearance on Rachel's
blog, giving you some insight into Albanian life from my perspective !!!
I decided to go walking through my home town Shkoder, taking my camera: set out to view city life thru a lens
My first encounter was with a man who was very cross that I was wanting a picture of an old chair by a kiosk instead of showing the world what Albanians can do - building high rise apartments that are the same the world over, I think he wanted to show that they were trying to become "modern" like the rest of Europe when I wanted something more quirky and bohemian to be displayed abroad.
My Bohemian chair!

The next encounter was with two men who wanted the world to see their happy faces , and so here they are - shame they did not show their toothless grins !!!
Say cheese...pleeze!

Finally I had a wonderful shot of a Woman with fishnet tights and red patent heels, standing next to a pile of big fish from the river; But the fisherman selling the fish was adamant that I could not take the shot! what a shame instead the next best was some eels in a bath ...
Bath time.

I hope you enjoyed the walk with me thru this interesting corner of Northwest Albania.

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