Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Long Time in Coming.

Well, its been a while since I last wrote a blog!

So much has happened! And so much to blog about! But I will be breif on this blog as my husband isn't here and isn't able to spell check for me!

Since I last wrote I've crossed borders, had Jamie's parents visiting, my car broke down in Albania and so we travelled back to Greece by coach.

A visit from my 'In Laws'

I had my first swim of the year (and first coffee Frape!) and to top it all off, my sister returned back from the UK with my new niece... the beautiful Anouk Florence.


Jamie is now spending some time travelling to and fro between Greece and Albania working, without his wife and child trailing after him... which probably means he can get some work done.

But that also gives me a chance to get creative again. So this weekend was spent playing my guitar, reading Living etc (Glossy home magazines!!!) and sifting through all my fabrics - all in preparation for my next few prjoects!

I full and inspired and ready to get cracking with more projects.

My next blog will be a guest blogger! So keep checking me out to hear all the things my guest has to share!

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