Monday, June 6, 2011

Come! Let us go up to the mountain - And He will teach us his ways...

This last few days, I went on a retreat into the mountains. No internet, No mobile phones, No television and nature completely surrounding us.
It was my family and a number of friends from the UK and Germany.

The kids were with us too... and they had no toys but a box of animals and two umbrellas to play with. They had such a great time of creative play together. Its amazing what stories kids think up when their imagination runs off with them!

It was also a chance for us all to explore nature and open our eyes and make us aware of life and the spirit that surrounds us!

Playing together!

We ate together around a big marble table, had interesting conversations, I got my guitar out a couple of times... and we even ventured off the mountain for a dip in the sea!

Meals around the table...

Late night discussions...

Music and singing... 

Daddies and kiddies... or superman!

Dad connecting with nature!

Mainly it was a time to re-evaluate the journey life finds us on... and all the blessings that God has for us, but how we reach that!

We all made new friends, and went deeper with the those we knew! It was a refreshing time together and maybe next time YOU can join us!

Check out this website run by my Brother in Law... perhaps you'd like a holiday in Greece?


  1. Great report Rachel .. it was a really good time together ...

  2. Good stuff - you all look well - glad you had a good time.