Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back into to the swing of Albanian life.

I just recently arrived back in Shkodera, Albania. And so we set to work opening up the house and making home.
Opening up the shutters, banging out the rugs and clearing the cobwebs, (and there were loads!... Not to mention the hairy spiders and lizards!)

The the next morning I set off to the market to stock up on the local fresh fruit and veg.

And when I came home, washed everything and stood back to see what I bought... What an amazing array of colour and vibrant choice just from a local market!
I like to go to the poorer ladies who lay everything on canvas on dirt tracks, but even they have such an amazing choice.

My market finds!

This next week is a mix of jobs. Our vine has a fungus on it, so I'm off to find a cure from any of the locals who is willing to help a ignorant foreign girl!

I'll be de-weeding the garden, whilst Oliver plays in the paddling pool with his dinosaurs. And trips to the gym to catch up with some of my girlfriends, whilst Jamie meets up with 'anthropology people' along side hiding in a cubby hole in the back of the house to work.

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