Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crossing Borders

Saturday was a family day, and so we decided to explore Montenegro.
It was a beautiful day.
The border is only half an hour away, and on the other side another half hour to get to the coast of Ulchin.

The drive was lovely. A warm sunny day, with the signs of life bursting forth from all the stark trees and mountains. Green is everywhere!

We got to the coast and paddled our feet, walked the shoreline, ate ice cream and explored the old city perched on the cliff face.

Feet paddling time!

Ice cream!

Exploring the city!

More exploring!

This week will be our last week in Albania before we head off back to Greece for Greek Easter. Its been such a rich time for us: exploring the region, making new friends... even heading to the gym daily has connected me with the ladies of Albania which has been great!

Albania still has so much potential, being such a new nation. There is so much that I could complain or worry about: Rubbish, State of Roads, Blood feuds, Mafia, Trafficking, Poverty (subjects that I will write about at the right time) - but generally the younger generation are hopeful for their nation, they want to prosper it in a healthy way.

When I speak to the young people here, they are starting to push small boundaries in their lives. And that excites me. I must remain hopeful for the few who are wanting to see their nation change.

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